I've been developing software for over twenty years.
That's a lot of bad code
And some good code too!


I work for Magnitude Software as a Software Engineer within The Web Technology Team. Our main product is a business to business product information management system (so not Pimms then). I develop the html/javascript front end and an API written in NodeJS.


I was senior software development engineer at the Food and Environment Research Agency, developing software solutions that support science projects. These ranged from small bespoke database applications to complex mathematical models.


I spent a few years as systems manager at a secondary school. I developed bespoke software, mostly related to assessment and reporting, scheduled the schools timetable and managed a team covering the schools ICT and exams provision.


Prior to that I was developing Embroidery design software in Visual C++ and writing bespoke workflow management solutions for small businesses.

Record Shop Worker

Before the days of hipsters, whilst a student I paid my way selling records.

So what can I do?

I can coding

... well

I've been doing what I do for a while now, so I've put my hand to quite a few languages and technolgies over the years, but as a summary...

  • I can create a restful api using Laravel 5.
  • I can consume that API using AngularJS
  • I can set up an Apache 2 vhost to serve the api
  • I can set up a Debian / Ubuntu server to host apache
  • I can install and develop a MySql database to provide data for the api...
  • ... or MongoDb if you prefer (might have to check the manual on that one)
  • I can set up a NodeJs Host running on a different port ...
  • .. and I can reverse proxy a subdomain to serve the NodeJs app
  • I can develop a multi threaded Java application that performs a Monte Carlo Simulation based on complex Mathematical models.
  • I can maintain the codebase on a git server
  • I can Grunt, NPM, Bower...
  • ... or svn if you prefer
  • I can replace the MySql DB with Sql Server (if you really want)
  • ... or Oracle DB (starting to stretch the truth a little here)
  • I was pretty good at C++ back in the day, but it's been a while